Incredible Footage as NSW Police Rescue Woman from Sinking Car

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Incredible Footage as NSW Police Rescue Woman from Sinking Car

VISION: NSW Police Media

Incredible footage has been released from NSW Police after officers swam to the rescue of a woman after her car began to sink into the Georges River.

Just after 2pm on Sunday, officers were called in relation to a domestic violence incident.

Further information was received that a woman involved in the incident was driving a vehicle and was possibly drug-affected.

With the assistance of POLAIR, the vehicle was located in Georges Hall, but as police arrived, the woman drove the car off a boat ramp and into the water.

NSW Police officers swam out to the woman, smashing the driver’s window, before managing to pull her out of the window just as the car sank.

The woman was taken to Bankstown Police Station where she was treated by Ambulance Paramedics.

One police officer was treated at Bankstown Hospital for a cut to his wrist as a result of the rescue.

Everyday NSW Police officers in every part of the state go to work protecting our community, a job that always has the unknown possibly around the corner.

Next time you see a Police Officer in the street, go up and say thank you, because not only will you feel good, but it's amazing how something so simple can show our appreciation.