Is Prince Harry the Queen’s Favourite?

Moffee’s take on the situation.

Is Prince Harry the Queen’s Favourite?

Who’s your favourite royal?

If you ask me, my money is on Prince Harry if you’re talking about the Queen’s favourite.

It dawned on me this week when I was watching the Queen’s Christmas message.

The first sign?

She will be attending the wedding, something that never happened for Charles and Camilla, sighting that she couldn’t go because Camilla had been divorced. Personally, I just think that’s a really good excuse.

A mate of mine, known only as DSyer believed it was because she doesn’t like old Camilla toe.

Meanwhile, the next sign he’s the fave came when Meghan Markle was invited to Christmas with the Royal Family. An invite to this tradition was never extended to Camilla (obviously because she isn’t the Queen’s top pick), nor was Kate invited to the lunch prior to marrying Will.

Queen Elizabeth even made mention of the new addition to the family in her Christmas message this week, sure she may have also been talking about the baby, but let’s not let another heir to the throne before Harry ruin a good yarn.

Here’s my take on the whole situation. I believe that Queen Elizabeth likes Harry the most because he is the youngest grandchild, plus he reminds her of the fun, cheeky life she missed out on and with five others in front of him on the throne, he won’t leave that life anytime soon. Also, with Meghan Markle joining the family, they won’t have to buy the Box Set of ‘Suits’.

But let’s face it, everyone loves a cheeky ranga, so why wouldn’t he be the favourite.

NOTE: Before anyone claims to be offended, prior to slightly balding at the back, Moffee was a redhead.