Moffee Reflects on the Tragic Manchester Attack

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Moffee Reflects on the Tragic Manchester Attack

As news broke around 8:30am on Tuesday morning during the end of the show, the fast pace of gathering the latest details didn't give much time to actually stop, think and reflect on the human side of the awful events at the Manchester Arena.

It wasn't until about 10am, sitting in my office, one ear on Ray Hadley, the other on Allan Beswick on BBC Radio Manchester who was taking calls from distressed locals, some at the concert, some in their homes, with hearts breaking as news from their city was unfolding.

The reality of how young those involved were really struck home for me when I thought about a text message only hours earlier in the day before the attacks from my 15 year old niece, talking about how she is soon going to her first concert - Shawn Mendes, while I tell her I'm her favourite uncle, she still thinks i'm old, and is quick to ask if I even know who he is!

This night out should have been a happy experience for those at Manchester Arena, one that would be remembered for many years. There is no doubt it still will be, but now it will also come with nightmares for so many people, so many families.

This morning I reflected on the sad events and aftermath where many people lost their lives that night, many families lost their loved ones, and a world was lost for words.

I spoke with Zac Haniff, a young guy who attended the concert, and saw firsthand the heartache.