That Moment The Sun Went Down on George Michael

Moffee Reflects on Listening to George

That Moment The Sun Went Down on George Michael

The world mourns the loss of yet another icon of our music world in 2016 in George Michael.

While this happens, I can’t help but reflect on the almost slow motion moment I experienced yesterday afternoon.

After leaving my family’s Christmas gathering in Brisbane yesterday, I was travelling along the Gateway Bridge and of all songs, I was listening to “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down on Me”, the live version with Elton John and George Michael.

It was 6:25pm, the sun setting in the west through the clouds.

As I began to climb the bridge, there was Emirates flight EK435.  The A380 Airbus, so big, but gliding through the air like a weightless paper plane on its way to landing in Brisbane.

My first thoughts, I wonder how many people on that flight are heading home to family for Christmas. Thinking about the nervous excitement of those passengers on the plane, almost giving me goosebumps myself.

Then as I got to the top of the bridge, I couldn’t help but think of the coincidence that I watch the sun setting over Brisbane as the lyrics of that very song play.

Little did I know that in less than 12 hours, the world would learn the news of the death of George Michael.

53 years old is way too young to die for anyone.

2016 has been a cruel year for music legends, but just like the memories when you lose someone close, the music will remain forever.