19-Year-Old Manchester Attack Witness Reveals More Could Have Been Done

"None of the group was searched"

19-Year-Old Manchester Attack Witness Reveals More Could Have Been Done

As we know, the situation in Manchester is grave... We’re hearing about more injuries and at the moment, 22 people have died, most of which are young girls. It is very, very sad.

Roo & Ditts tracked down one young witness, who agreed to talk to Triple M Adelaide.

Ditts: “We really do appreciate this, a young lad named called Ryan Morrison who actually travelled down from Newcastle to Manchester to be at the concert.

24-hours later, are you ok? How are you going?”

Ryan: “Honestly I’m coping, it’s just weird, I feel fine now… but the whole situation just feels weird that it actually happen.”

Ditts: “Where were you? Describe what happened for you.”

Ryan: “The show had just ended and Ariana had left the stage, and we all started walking out of our seats, up towards the foyer, where the actual explosion happened.

We just heard a massive bang and the whole place just fell silent for a few seconds. And then we just heard screams, people were running, they were all panicking. It was just chaos, we all just ran out screaming to be honest.

We all ran out on to the street. We’d lost one of the people we went with and we couldn’t find her for about an hour.

At the time I sort of go this adrenalin rush, I was just trying to help out. But you just see in people’s faces… I haven’t got words for it.”

Ditts: “For you Ryan, has Britain changed forever? I presume security is on such high alert, and from now on, when you go to concerts, I can imagine the presence of police and security will be enormous…”

Ryan: “I actually really want to discuss this, this is REALLY important, I think. Whenever I got to a concert in Newcastle, they always check your bags, they search you. Everything is really secure. When I went to Manchester, nobody searched bags. I didn’t see a single bag being searched. I wasn’t searched…”

Roo: “Did that concern you when it happened?”

Ryan: “Not when it happened, because you never expect that. When it happened I wasn’t thinking that. But thinking back… none of the group was searched.”

A chilling recount from such a young lad. All our thoughts are with not only the family and friends of those affected, but everyone who was at the concert and also to the UK as a whole.

Listen to the whole chat here, on Roo & Ditts for Breakfast on Triple M: