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Adelaide's Flu Epidemic - The Worst Is On The Way

The boys chat with Dr Hinchcliffe

Adelaide's Flu Epidemic - The Worst Is On The Way

The worst season of all time is on the way. Roo reckons that’s why we’re not opening the new hospital until September!

Is it real? Are they just scare tactics?? So how real is this threat?

Roo & Ditts ask resident Dr Lane Hinchcliffe:

"Look every year they say this. We've been seeing some rise in the number of cases across the world. We're going to have to be prepared for increased cases in Australia.

The best thing you can do is get the Flu jab."

Do they actually work?

"They're very effective. Over the last couple of years they've improved a lot. They're never going to be 100%. They're designed every year to prevent you from the most common strains."

Do they hurt?


Is the person slightly ill for a day or two after receiving it? Does it have some of the flu bug in it?

"No it doesn't at all. It's completely inactivated. So basically theres no live virus in it. Because these vaccines are trying to stimulate your immune system so your body thinks it's been exposed to flu and then you fight it off, you're possibly going to get a sore throat afterwards."

Important note: The vaccine DOES NOT cover man flu. 

Listen to the full chat here: