BMX World Champion Sam Willoughby Is On The Road To Recovery

Sam gives us the latest on his progress

BMX World Champion Sam Willoughby Is On The Road To Recovery

Twitter: Sam Willoughby (@SW91)

“Every now and then, we get to interview some special high achievers. And this is one of them.”

“It’s fair to say he might have been to hell and back. And he’s on his way back. And he’s making some GREAT progress. We’re talking about our very own World Champion from the world of BMX, Sam Willoughby!”

“Can we just say first up, we’ve just seen some footage of you this morning, back on a bike, this is unbelievable news. You’re actually back and getting a heap of strength back…”

Sam: "Yeah I’m starting to progress in the right direction, still a long way to go, but that’s been a positive step for me. I started out on an electric stimulation bike basically, that peddled itself for me… as things started progressing we got me a spin bike and it’s something that my body’s pretty used to prior to the injury and it’s seems to have taken to it pretty well.

I’m actually able to start the bike and keep it peddling by myself which is a pretty big milestone in my recovery.”

Roo: “What’s your goal?”

Sam: “Alise and I are getting married at the end of the year, on New Years Eve, and thats my goal since the injury, to be up on my feet and able to walk her down the aisle and stand there and do the whole deal. Still a way off that but heading in the right direction.”

Check out some of Sam’s progress here:

This weekend, it’s the Sam Willoughby Fundraising Game, it’s the Adelaide Crows taking on Port Adelaide in the SANFL, at Woodville Oval - it’s called “Strength For 91”. Head over to the game to show your support!

Listen to the whole chat here: