Eddie Betts Reveals How Contract Negotiations Went Down

Huge deal for Eddie and The Crows

Eddie Betts Reveals How Contract Negotiations Went Down

Last week, a massive deal was announced for Eddie Betts and the Adelaide Crows - a whopping 3 years secured by star player.

Ditts mentioned that "in recent years when someone turns 30 at the Adelaide Football club, they tend to get one year deals and it’s a bit of a battle. You’ve been given 3 years!"

So, why the confidence in giving Eddie this long term deal?

Eddie told Roo & Ditts, "they approached me and said, how long do you reckon can you play for? And I just jokingly said 3!"

Roo reckons Eddie should have said 5 years!

"My body’s feeling good! I haven’t really missed a game, or I hadn’t since I’ve come across to the Adelaide Crows.

Off footy… My kids are 4 now, you gotta think where are they going to school."

Roo asked, "are they pumped about you staying at Adelaide?"

They are! I said to little Lewie: “do you want me to finish up next year or do you want me to keep going?” He said, “Nah you can play at the Crows forever!”

Listen to Eddie on Roo & Ditts for Breakfast here: