Is Jacko Going To Continue Playing For Port Next Year?

He’s getting some big offers!

Is Jacko Going To Continue Playing For Port Next Year?

Jacko joined Roo & Ditts this morning and spoke about contract talks from yesterday, apparently he’s been getting some big offers from some big Melbourne clubs! This is what he had to say on the subject:

"Yes it was interesting yesterday… as I said before, over the next coming weeks, the club’s going to crank it up. There’s 17 boys out of contract. They’ve made a strategy to hold that out to the middle of the year."

Roo said, "geez... you’d be getting some big offers, because you’re so versatile!

Ditts piped in and said, "Listen, I’ve made a list here… reasons why you wouldn’t want to leave Adelaide.

1. You’d miss The Moseley for a start

2. Roo & Ditts for Breakfast

3. Port Pizza Bar, best pizza bar in Adelaide

4. Mrs Rasheed’s Cooking, when you go to Hitaf’s for dinner

After that… I’m struggling.

Taperoo beach? All the seaweed? You haven’t got beaches like that in Melbourne!"

Jacko reckons, "it’s a good place to live Adelaide, and I’ve enjoyed it for 9-10 years."

Ditts isn't convinced Jacko is staying and says "mate you are the heart and soul."

Well Ditts, that’s what Melbourne are saying…