Roo Addresses The Tom Lynch 'Low Ball' Rumours

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Roo Addresses The Tom Lynch 'Low Ball' Rumours

Mark Ricciuto has addressed rumours the Adelaide Crows are 'low balling' key forward Tom Lynch in initial talks about a new contract.

Although it is generally thought Lynch is happy in Adelaide and will stay at the Crows, numerous media outlets have reported that he and his manager Paul Conners were unhappy with the initial contract offer.

Speaking this morning on Roo and Ditts on Triple M Adelaide, Crows legend and Board of Directors member Riccuito hosed down rumours of a 'low ball' offer to Lynch from the club.

"I'd say it's laughable what gets put out in the media about different contracts and different players," Ricciuto said.

"It's laughable when you actually know what's really going on."

Roo didn't disclose if that club had in fact met with Lynch yet, nor what sort of money was on offer for the key forward.

Lynch kicked 31 goals in a standout 2017 season for the Crows.