Roo & Ditts Fire Back At Paul Roos Over Bryce Gibbs

"He should know better"

Roo & Ditts Fire Back At Paul Roos Over Bryce Gibbs

They both get stuck into Roosy over his reaction around the Adelaide Football Club not pulling the trigger on Bryce Gibbs.

Roosy said last night on The Rush Hour with Jars and Louie: 

“I really like the Crows, I like what Don’s done.

"Their skill level is elite, I must admit - I was staggered that they did not pull the trigger on Bryce Gibbs."

Absolutely shocked.

What they’re crying out for is another elite midfielder. I was flabbergasted because you don’t get another Bryce Gibbs knocking on your door every year."

This is what Roo & Ditts had to say this morning:

"I'd be interested to have a chat to Roosy about that, I'm good friends with Roosy," Roo started. 

Ditts asked, "what does that mean?"

"What he thinks, so: 'get a deal done', do you pay twice as much for someone as you should, even if you need a midfielder? Obviously we weren't and he thinks we should."

Ditts: "I'd like to talk to Paul Roos about when Melbourne picked up Chris Daws from Collingwood. I thought it was the best deal of the season! Look at your own list you moron!"

Roo continued, "Crows and Port have picked up a few duds, but that's a fair slap on the Adelaide Footy Club from Roosy there on Triple M."

"He's making a big statement, he's uneducated. It's uneducated," Ditts said. 

"I don't know if he knows all the facts behind it," Roo added.

"No so don't say it! He should know better."

The boys got fired up! We can't wait too hear what happens the next time Roosy's on the show!