Roo Probes Tex: Will Rory Sloane Definitely Be In For Round 1?

Will he be right to go?

Roo Probes Tex: Will Rory Sloane Definitely Be In For Round 1?

Roo & Ditts grill Tex on what's happening this weekend, who's in and who's out for Round 1?

On his hamstring injury, Tex said the scan last didn’t show anything, which is always a good sign. 

He did hour and half training earlier this week and reckons if he gets through the main session on Thursday, he'll play Round 1 on Sunday arvo. 

But how will Sloaney go this week after his eye injury?

Tex: "Yes, he’ll do his training this week. Same thing, if he gets through then he’ll play.

He’s running around like a cat on a hot tin roof."

Ditts: "I know he’s a champion player…  but if you don’t play, aren’t you really short of a gallop the way the game’s played in this day and age?"

Tex: "Yeah, we speak about that. You probably go back to the experienced players and trust that the training that they’ve done will just get them through. We know what kind of player Sloaney is and he’s really professional. We’ll be fully confident that once he gets through Thursday then he’ll be right to go."

Roo: "With an eye you can keep running, but if it was an ankle injury and missed 6 weeks of running then you’d be in trouble."

What’s happening with Scott Thompson, is he capable of coming straight in this weekend? Or will be play SANFL?

Tex: "Pretty sure the club said that Thommo and Crouchy were unavailable for Round 1.

GWS are premiership favourites, so what better way to start the season, Sunday afternoon, Adelaide Oval.

Hopefully we get 50,000 - and we’ll see how good they’ve been through the pre-season. Hopefully we can come back next week with 4 points."