Roo Responds To Rumours Around Rory Sloane's Contract

'I can't sign his contract.'

Roo Responds To Rumours Around Rory Sloane's Contract Image: Getty

Triple M’s Mark Ricciuto has responded to the rumours Rory Sloane is set to re-sign at Adelaide, urging fans to listen to Sloane talk on Triple M later on Wednesday.

Rumours about Sloane signing a new deal have gained plenty of steam over the past 24 hours, with Channel 9 reporter Tom Rehn believing him to be close to a new deal.

On Roo and Ditts, Roo urged fans to listen to Sloane on the Rush Hour with Jars and Louie on Wednesday afternoon for the full story.

Sloane is set to join Triple M at 4:00.


"We haven’t seen him signed yet, but Rory Sloane is on the Rush Hour this afternoon at four o’clock," Roo said on Wednesday morning.

"I can’t sign his contract, but Rory can.”

Roo did note Rehn uses the words “very close, not quite done (and) expect” in his report, and that there was nothing definitive.

But Roo also said Sloane’s manager had been sighted around.

"I think he might have been around lately! That’s something good,” he said.

He did urge people to “wait and see”, saying you can’t believe everything you hear.

“We heard last week that Tom Lynch had been lowballed too, remember…I did say some things getting around were laughable,” he said.

“But let’s wait and see."