Roo Stands Firm On The Bryce Gibbs Decision

Everyone's having a crack!

Roo Stands Firm On The Bryce Gibbs Decision

This Bryce Gibbs thing won’t go away. First Paul Roos had a crack at Roo, and now David King.

Ditts mentioned that King was “saying that you should have given away your first draft pick to get Bryce Gibbs.”

Roo responded this morning, “well he’s saying more than that, he’s saying we should have given away TWO first draft picks.

They had The Advertiser luncheon yesterday, and that’s why this has all come about. The coaches were there as well.

Listen, everyone’s got their different opinions on this, for me, there’s no way I’d be giving away two first round draft picks to do it.”

Ditts: “You’ve stood firm on this, you say on one hand that definitely you wanted Bryce Gibbs, but there’s a ceiling on it.”

Roo finished with these final words, “he’s worth one first round pick, maybe people could have met in the middle, but two first round picks - no way.”

Listen to the full chat here:

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