Roo To Bernard Tomic: 'What The Hell Did You Expect?'

'Not doing himself any favours.'

Roo To Bernard Tomic: 'What The Hell Did You Expect?' Image: Triple M & Channel 10

Triple M's Mark Ricciuto believes Bernard Tomic “should know” what he was in for on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here.

Speculation has mounted about whether Tomic will quit the show after a tough start to the new season.

Roo told Triple M’s Roo and Ditts Tomic shouldn’t have expected it to be easy, saying the producers were always going to “try and get the money’s worth” out of him.

Listen to the audio: 

"He loves his money, we’ve heard him talk about that, counting his millions and sort of rubbing people’s noses into it,” he said on Tuesday morning.

"But he decided to go into the jungle, and I think if you decide to go into the jungle on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here, you should know what you’re in for, Ditts.

"It’s pretty consistent with the acts that they try and get you (to do), to get bitten by animals, to eat bad food, to have a lack of sleep, to be out of your comfort zone with being close to other people and snoring, all these sorts of things.

"When you’re a big name celebrity, like Warnie was last year, and they pay you a million or two million dollars to go in there for a short amount of time, they’re going to try and get the money’s worth out of you. 

"Well, they tried that with Bernard and he hasn’t handled it too well."

“They hadn’t done their homework,” Ditts added.

The two played the audio of Tomic becoming the first celebrity to utter the get out phrase, ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here’.

“I don’t think I can do it. I think it’s best if I go,” Tomic said.

Ditts joked the audio might have actually come from somewhere else.

“Sorry, we played the wrong grab - that’s the first round of qualifying at the Australian Open!" Ditts joked.

Roo wasn’t too thrilled with the way Tomic had handled his first couple of days.

“This is not even 24 hours in! He wants to get out. He’s got no resilience, he can’t handle being out of his comfort zone at all,” he said.

"He just said ‘I didn’t expect this'. What the hell did he expect?”

“He’s not doing himself any favours.”