Shane Warne Says Sports Scientists Are Ruining Modern Athletes

"I hope it gets put on the back burner"

Shane Warne Says Sports Scientists Are Ruining Modern Athletes

Shane Warne thinks sports science is ruining modern athletes and is causing their bodies to break down.

Australia's greatest ever spin bowler, Shane Warne joined Roo and Ditts for an in-depth chat on Triple M Adelaide this morning, talking about the release of his new autobiography 'No Spin'.

Warnie covered off a lot of topics, including yarns about former teammates and his time on "I'm A Celebrity...", and the leg spinner revealed the reason behind his prolific wicket-taking in all forms of cricket.

Warne claiming it was hours and hours of practice that helped him develop, something that modern athletes aren't privy to as sports scientists restrict their training too much.


"I would bowl for hours and hours a day," Warne told Roo and Ditts.

"I'd go by myself, put an ball on the pitch and just bowl at it for hours and hours.

"(Now) Sports Science gets involved and they take them off.

"In cricket we're seeing so many injuries to fast bowlers because they don't bowl enough balls in the nets.

"And then they expect them to go an bowl 120 (balls) in a match."

Listent to Warnie's full chat with Roo and Ditts here: