The Big Texan Responds To KG's Big Call On Him Being Dropped

"I haven't been able to sleep"

The Big Texan Responds To KG's Big Call On Him Being Dropped

KG made a big call over the weekend on Adelaide skipper Taylor Walker, saying it might be worthwhile for him to go back to the SANFL to get "things right".

He wasn't happy with the big Texan's physicality against Geelong.

"I love this bloke, (but) I saw our captain not involved in any physical contests at all," he said.

"That's the part that disappointed me. At no stage of that game did Tex try to intimidate any players or knock a player over."

He looked at Geelong skipper Joel Selwood, who earned plenty of praise for his best on ground performance despite being split open in the first quarter.

"That's a leader. That's the way to show the players you're fair dinkum about the contest," he said. 

He also made this big call: "maybe Tex should go back to the reserves and figure that out."

"I just wonder also whether it's time Tex went back to the SANFL and got things right. I'll probably get shot for saying what I've said!"

This morning, Roo & Ditts apologised profusely for replaying the audio from weekend, as Tex mentioned just how much it's affected him.

"Since he said it... I haven't been able to sleep. It's really got to me," he said. 

Obviously kidding around, Tex went on to say: "It hasn't bothered me one little bit, it honestly it doesn't bother me. KG gets paid by Triple M to have his opinion. He can have his opinion."

Ditts probed the big Texan, asking, "You wouldn't be human if you didn't get fired up by that sort of thing. You do react..."

Tex simply responded with: "If it was continuous you probably would... if you always listen to it. But I don't listen to his shows... I don't listen to it."