Tex Walker Opens Up About The Rumours Of His 'Feud' With Jake Lever

On Roo & Ditts this morning

Tex Walker Opens Up About The Rumours Of His 'Feud' With Jake Lever Image: Triple M Adelaide

Tex Walker joined Triple M Adelaide this morning to clear the air regarding some of the major talking points following the Crows disappointing loss to Richmond two weeks ago.

Speaking on Roo & Ditts, the skipper dismissed a lot of rumours that had been circulating following the nightmare Grand Final.

"I probably wouldn’t say the worst day of my life," Walker said of the game.

"On Sunday I got up - I was still breathing and the sun still rose. But it was disappointing how we played. We didn’t cap off a good season - we would’ve loved to have a great season but it wasn’t to be."

When asked about suspected 'in-fighting' around the club and in the change rooms, Tex slammed the suggestion as "100% incorrect".

"In our footy club we like to have conversations and I think it’s really healthy to challenge each other on the field," he said.

"At no point did I think there was an argument. There was not a dust up at half time."

There were also rumours of Walker getting into a 'punch-up' with defender Jake Lever during the main break - which Walker also strongly denied.

Journalists have claimed in recent weeks that Walker's phone call with Lever following the news of his decision to leave the Crows was aggressive in nature.

"I didn’t have a crack at him," Walker said - once again denying the rumour.

"I was pretty honest - because I don’t like people leaving our footy club. I’m not going to agree with him because I don’t like people leaving our footy club.

"But I don’t think I was arrogant or aggressive towards him. I was probably blunt.

"He said that he’s decided to leave the footy club and I said ‘mate, if that’s the decision you want to make’ - we’re two days out from losing a Grand Final and I think our footy club’s going in the right direction.

"I think it’s pretty much him choosing money over success.

"For Jake, I think the difference in money was a lot. So if you’re driven by money or if you’re driven by success it’s a decision you need to make."

Walker took the opportunity to compliment Lever on his season - saying that he put in all he had to give to the Crows.

"I give full credit to Jake. He rocked up every day, he bought into our program. He trained hard. He set high standards. So that’s all I can ask of a player and right until the end he gave us all he had," Walker said.

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