Victim Speaks Out Against Idiotic Rock Throwers

Roo and Ditts exclusive.

Victim Speaks Out Against Idiotic Rock Throwers The Advertiser

Adelaide motorists are currently experiencing a spate of idiotic rock throwing attacks, with another three victims left traumatised by attacks over the weekend, taking the amount of rock throwing incidents for the year to 40.

All three of the weekends incidents occurred on the Southern Expressway, where vehicles are driven at high speed, elevating the dangerousness of the incident.

Last week Roo and Ditts caught up with one of the 40 victims, who argued for harsher punishments for the rock throwers.


"I was doing 100km/h, which was the speed limit," the victim, Michael, told Triple M Adelaide.

"Yes I was scared, but the worst thing is, this happened two years ago and the guy ended up in a coma.

"There's bushes all along that express way that people can hide in and throw rocks."

Michael then suggested the rock throwers be charged with attempted murder if caught.