Roo & Ditts Confront Tex On The Crows' Lack Of Fight And Aggression

"We need to toughen up"

Roo & Ditts Confront Tex On The Crows' Lack Of Fight And Aggression

This morning, Roo began grilling Tex on the game on Friday night against Geelong.

Roo: Any half decent player, knows and accurately assesses whether he's playing well or not playing well.

Tex responded, "Yeah I'm not in the best form I've been in my career... but I still had 7 shots at goal on Friday night. That's not the be all and end all of my game, I need to have a presence with my spot that I play."

"Just compete like it's my last contest. I'm working as hard as I can at training," he said.

"I was very very confident going down there... I thought we were going to put it up to them. We were on pretty good form. Probably the one game this year that we've been able to put four quarters together.

You walk away disappointed."

Roo continued asking, "Were you annoyed at the lack of fight? I didn't see any sort of aggression. If Patrick Dangerfield left my side, I'd be trying to barrel him at the first opportunity I got.

I didn't see anyone go over and make it hard for him.

In fact, I saw him rag doll a few of our players. I reckon that's where we need to toughen up a bit."

Tex responded with, "totally agree."

Ditts told Tex, "I admire you, you're a great captain, a great bloke. I think you're a real good leader. So I probably disagree, well I do disagree with what KG had to say... but should you have done more?"

Ditts continued, "should you have shown a bit of aggression and perhaps done the things Roo's just talked about?"

Tex reckons that, "there could have been some things that I should've done better."

"Carey said I shouldn't have come off when I did..."

"What we've got to understand is that the game's changed a little bit. I got told 5-6 mins that 'it's your turn to come off'. The game was on the other side of the ground.

I'd be pretty selfish if I went off when we were in defence, which we were most of the night, and left 17 blokes to defend the opposition. I think that'd be selfish by a leader to do that. So I went off as soon as I could in the next break of play."