Clairsy's Poignant, Heartfelt Tribute To The Late Great Malcolm Young

RIP to a rock legend!

The world was shocked on the weekend when the sad news that AC/DC's Malcolm Young, the man that defined rhythm guitar in rock, had passed.

Our Clairsy is a life long fan, and took to the airwaves this morning to tell the world just how much Malcolm meant to him and how the shock news affected him.

It's poignant, heartfelt and truly highlights how much these people mean to most of us.


Here's Clairsy's tribute in writing:

I woke up on Sunday morning and was told by my wife Lori that Malcolm Young of AC/DC had died.

She told me in a way that was more like a family member had passed than a celebrity because she knows what AC/DC have meant to me for so much of my life.

Whether you call him the rock, the glue or the engine room of AC/DC, he's been deeply missed since departing the great Australian rock band suffering from dementia around three years ago.

Malcolm's consistently brilliant rhythm guitar and truly great rock songwriting anchored AC/DC's sound from the start and inspired as many guitarists to play rhythm guitar as his little brother Angus's virtuosity sparked to take up lead.

Like many I was introduced to AC/DC's music at a young age and those early albums featuring the vocals and street poetry of Bon Scott were etched in my mind eternally.

When we lost Bon in 1980 it was Malcolm's steady influence and driving guitar that put them back on top with the game changing rock album Back in Black.

I listened to it over Sunday breakfast and as the irresistible opening riff of the title track shook the plates in my kitchen cupboard, I couldn't help but smile and then get swept up in the hard rocking, feel good emotions that ACCA DACCA have brought to my world since I was in Angus style school shorts.

RIP Malcolm Young 1953-2017


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Written by: @dantheinternut