Perth's Parking Prices

Enough's enough!

Perth's Parking Prices

This morning, Kymba unleashed on Perth parking prices. And we think she's got a fair point.

Fresh from paying almost $5 an hour for parking in the city at night, she read the news about the Subiaco Councillor who has gone on record as suggesting that people aren't going to Subiaco anymore because of the exorbitant prices charged there for parking in some of its carparks. It was enough to force Kymba's hand.

As Kymba said, "'s the highest rent in Perth that I can think of."


Kymba does make a suggestion, if any of the councils are to pay attention.

"What if we paid $5 for an hour's parking, and that markup... they give to all the hospitals so no-one has to pay for parking in hospitals."

We like your thinking Kymba, not sure the councils will ;)