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Talking Bum Tattoos After Silly Drunken Bets

Bloke joins Pete in the bum tatt club

Talking Bum Tattoos After Silly Drunken Bets Channel 9 / WA Today

This morning, Clairsy, Matt and Kymba spoke with a Perth bloke who loves his Richmond Tigers so much, he went and followed through on a drunken bet to get Dusty Martin's face tattooed on his bum.

Ryan Wilhelm even made a 'napkin agreement' with his mates to ensure it would happen. And, true to his word, he did.

He spoke with the team this morning.

Of course, our very own Pete Curulli felt compelled to ring in and give his take on why he got a Fyfe tattoo on his bum some years back, when Nat Fyfe won Fremantle's first Brownlow.

Pic: Nadia Budihardjo, WA Today

Pete spoke about that moment too.

The things we do...