A 20-Year-Old Robin Bailey Pens Why She Marches On ANZAC Day

'It is the struggle I am a part of'

A 20-Year-Old Robin Bailey Pens Why She Marches On ANZAC Day

A letter has surfaced written by a 20-year-old Robin Bailey detailing why she would choose to march for our soldiers following a trip to Gallipoli the previous year.

Writing for the editor of The Australian Robin said “At 20 years old I am supposed to be part of the new Australian generation, those unaffected by war and hardship."

“It’s true. I haven’t suffered or gone without because of war, nor have I feared loss nor the pain and worry of death.”

“However last year I visited Gallipoli and found within me a strong national pride that is akin to any world war veteran."

Of her visit to Gallipoli on Anzac Day with fellow travellers, Robin wrote;

“It was horrible to view the graves of men, younger than myself, dying for king and country, when I had never considered such a sacrifice.”

“It was daunting, and eerie, so intensely emotional.

“Grave upon grave upon grave… my two American friends were completely overwhelmed.”

“I stood on the ground and mixed my tears with their bloodstained sand. That part of history gave birth to a nation, and I am a product of my country.”

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