Bill Shorten Completely Shows Up Malcolm Turnbull For His AC/DC Stuff-Up

'Should have grabbed the lifeline!'

Bill Shorten Completely Shows Up Malcolm Turnbull For His AC/DC Stuff-Up (Image: Getty)

Opposition leader Bill Shorten has hit back at Malcolm Turnbull on Triple M for failing to know an AC/DC song, even nailing Marto, Ed & Robin's music quiz himself.

Turnbull stopped by Triple M on Monday and, as the interview was wrapping up, he was quizzed about his favourite song in the wake of Malcolm Young’s death.

"What’s your favourite AC/DC song?" he responded, stalling for time.

The team threw out a few classics - It's A Long Way To The Top, Highway To Hell, Back In Black - but it wasn’t enough.

"Run through a few more!" he said.

On Wednesday it was Shorten’s turn to fire a few shots at Turnbull for stuffing that one right up.

Listen to Shorten’s response:

“He should have grabbed the lifeline!” Shorten laughed.

“I guess it’s hard. You don’t have to know everything, and if you don’t know everything, just dive.”

Ed Kavalee said the question was completely innocent.

"We weren’t trying to stitch him up! If he doesn’t know one, just say I’m not really a fan, that’s fine,” he said.

Shorten came up with an explanation for Turnbull’s awkward response.

"I think he finds it hard to admit that he doesn’t know something,” he told Triple M.

“If you’re master of the universe you can never be imperfect, can you? I get that impression in the meetings, but anyway. That’s life."

Next up was Shorten's test, as the team ran through a music quiz, playing Jimmy Barnes's Working Class Man, AC/DC's Thunderstruck and - Turnbull's favourite - Mental As Anything's If You Leave Me, Can I Come Too.

Shorten nailed all three.