Fast & Furious Films Could Burn Through 50 Cars A Day

Motion Picture car coordinator reveals

Fast & Furious Films Could Burn Through 50 Cars A Day

Talking to Dennis McCarthy, the Motion Picture car coordinator who worked on the Fast & Furious franchise, he revealed to Marto, Ed and Robin the films can go through 50 cars a day.

Burning through about half a BILLION dollars worth of cars, Marto needed to know the scene which cost them the most.

“Is there a famous scene in any of the Fast & Furious movies that has wiped out more cars than any other, do you sometimes need 10 cars for all the shots?” Marto asked.

“Yeah, probably the biggest one was the vault heist in Fast Five,” McCarthy said.

“That one really destroyed us… we were going through 40-50 cars a day.”

 “There were car carriers on rotation 24 hours a day taking the crushed cars to the scrap yard, picking up another batch of cars, and bringing them out day after day.”

Unreal! Hear more about one of the coolest jobs in the world below.

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