Jay's Torana Reveal!

Amazing result

Jay's Torana Reveal!

The reveal!

Marto and Ed have been following the story of Jay Brady, who after suffering a brain aneurysm from a work accident in 2012 lost his long-term memory.

After two very difficult operations, doctors have been unable to help Jay with his recovery and he now suffers with profound retrograde amnesia.

He remembers nothing of his life, and as a close neighbour says, has had to ‘start again’ with his friends, his wife Allie and his family.

 Jay’s neighbour Lisa reached out to Marto and Ed with this email.

“Jay got hurt at work an while doing scans in 2012 they found the aneurysm. At the time we were told it was very difficult to operate on an they would monitor it. They did for 2 years. As it enlarged the surgeon said it had to be treated an the only way was open brain surgery. We knew there were risks but never did anyone imagine Jay would wake up basically a Jon Doe. He has a profound retrograde amnesia. It's incredibly rare as he remembers nothing about his life at all. Generally people will lose partial memory. He has some speech issues also an brain damage. This all occurred due to prolonged surgery an a mild stroke. This was in October 2015. There was a section of the aneurysm they couldn't clip, so they wrapped it. This section is enlarging at 1mm per month, not the usual course. We again were initially told there was little that could be done. They are now going to try next Wednesday to coil an stent the aneurysm but cannot guarantee it will be successful.”

We learnt that Jay’s pet project is his old ‘74 Torana, which he has been slowly doing up over the years.

Together with PPG, Marto and Ed have helped lend a hand to get this car restored and put a smile on Jay’s face!  

Jay and his wife Allie would like to thank Auswide Logistics for all the towing, Repliglass, Betta Auto Rubbers, MC Auto Glass, WJM window tinting, Rare Spares, Auto Performance Warehouse, Mick Jennings for interior, Right Price Exhausts, Parnell Photography, Little Animal House petting zoo and all of their family and friends. All had a hand in the car either helping or donating parts and fundraising. Thank you all!