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Life-changing Act For Family Whose House Was Washed Away

Local donates home

Life-changing Act For Family Whose House Was Washed Away

Image: ABC

Earlier this week we learned of a south east Queensland family who lost their home to flood waters, after being plucked from its roof moments before it was swept away and destroyed.


We spoke with home-owners Helen and Dan about the moment they watched their family home wash away, and how close their family came to serious danger. 

"There's no way to describe it. At one point, I thought 'this is it'. There's nowhere else we could've gone," Helen said. 

"From my point of view, my wife and SES saved my family," husband Dan added. 

Dan is currently sleeping in a caravan on site, with Helen and the kids staying with relatives. Without enough insurance to cover this level of devastation, the family is unsure of what their future holds.

Speaking to the family on-air this morning, an absolute legend, Steve Scanlan offered the family a home to live in for up to a year.

"Helen, I have an absolutely beautiful three storey family home with a pool for the kids," he said. 

"I would be more than happy to donate that to you guys free of charge for up to a year or however long it takes you to get on your feet."


Listen to the reveal here: