Malcolm Turnbull Struggled To Name A Single AC/DC Song This Morning

Not his finest moment

Malcolm Turnbull Struggled To Name A Single AC/DC Song This Morning Image: Getty

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull dropped into Marto, Ed & Robin on Triple M Brisbane this morning, and got himself in a tangle when he struggled to name any AC/DC tracks.

The team asked Turnbull what his favourite AC/DC song is in the wake of the death of their legendary rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young.

Turnbull got in the spirit and had a laugh with the crew, but tripped over trying to name a track.

Check out his response here (and be warned - it's awkward):

Clearly unprepared for the question, Turnbull tried to hedge to get some time.

“Aaaah…. tell me, what’s your favourite AC/DC song?” he replied.

The team threw out a few classics at him — Long Way To The Top, Highway To Hell, Back In Black — and Turnbull seemed to not recognise them.

Sensing an opportunity to make the PM squirm, Ed Kavalee threw Barbie Girl at him, while Robin Bailey asked the team to leave him alone.

They weren’t letting Turnbull off the hook though and left it out there.

“Run through a few more?” he asked, before trying to change the subject.

“My favourite song from that era is the Mentals’ (Mental As Anything) If You Leave Me Can I Come To?,” he said.

“I’m very, uh, I’m very romantic, uh, and uh, that’s always… that always, uh, that’s, that’s my, that’s the old romantic in me.”

At that point Ed Kavalee ended the interview, putting Turnbull out of his misery.