QLD Health Worker Tells Of The Heartbreaking Moment She Lost Her Son To Ice

'I thought my son would take my life'

QLD Health Worker Tells Of The Heartbreaking Moment She Lost Her Son To Ice

This morning on Marto, Ed and Robin, we spoke with former world champion surfer Tom Carroll about his new ABC documentary, Ice Wars and asked Brisbane to tell us their stories.

Nancy of South Brisbane who works for Queensland Health called in to tell of her heartache, losing her son to ice at the young age of 23.

"Sadly, my son passed away 25 months ago, we were living in Townsville. Ice was one of his choice drugs…he battled an addiction for 5 years. I had him clean 7 times," she said

“The first time I noticed he was on ice happened to be after he was violent with me. The police came and intervened, and a DVO was taken out."


“I went to my GP and told him what happened, and he said it sounds like your son is on ice.”


After studying the signs of an ice-addiction, Nancy noticed her son was withdrawn and had lost weight and would suffer severe highs and lows.


“I always thought my son would take my life, but no matter what I loved him unconditionally."

“The saddest day, was when I felt he was most at peace, I arrived at the hospital, and he was in ICU, the doctor told me he was brain dead…"


"My oldest daughter was saying ‘No, Mum no!’ and my other son was saying ‘tell him to wake up!’.


Knowing her son wouldn’t want to be a vegetable, Nancy made the heartbreaking decision to tell the ICU to switch off his life support.


“I see it in my job, I work in emergency. I work with these people, and I just take my badge off and tell them my story.”


“If I can help at least one person who is listening…if you do these drugs, you will die."


Listen to the confronting chat below.