What Needs To Happen For A Cowboys Finals Appearance

We've done the Maths...

What Needs To Happen For A Cowboys Finals Appearance Instagram: @nqcowboys

We’re not massive fans of doing sums, but we’ve done the Maths on what needs to happen for our Cowboys to be in the 2017 NRL Finals.

Are you ready for this?

Focus yourself, we’ve worked out the possible scenarios for Cowboys to make the finals:

  • Cowboys WIN on Thursday night over the Broncos– Cowboys have secured TOP 8 (no other result will matter)


  • If the Cowboys LOSE against the Broncos – they can still make the TOP 8 a few different ways, but it depends on 2 games:

Penrith (6th) vs Manly (8th) – Saturday 5:30pm

  • Penrith must defeat Manly

(NOTE -Cowboys have a 10 point lead in the +/- over Manly, BUT- if the Broncos put a big score on the Cowboys, Manly can still have a close loss, and the Cowboys will drop below Manly)

  • If Manly defeats Penrith, the Cowboys fate then lies with St George/Bulldogs game on Sunday afternoon.

St George (9th) vs Bulldogs (12th) – Sunday 4:00pm

  • If the Bulldogs can defeat St George, then no other result matters from the weekend – St George are out, Cowboys and Manly are into the Finals.

(NOTE – this game is 3 days after the Cowboys clash, an agonizing 3 days to wait to see your finals future. PLUS – Dragons are clear favourites to win over the Bulldogs)

So there you go.

Did you get all that?