Mundine Planning Incredible NRL Return Next Year

Love it!

Mundine Planning Incredible NRL Return Next Year

Is Anthony Mundine on the comeback trail to play NRL again?

He last played in April 2000. He’s 42-years-old. But to appears he wants to put the Dragons jersey back on and play for St George Illawarra, possibly next year.

Yesterday a photo was taken of him and his manager with the Dragons CEO, having a discussion about juniors entering the Dragons system. See the tweet below.


Mundine is currently in training for an Indigenous tournament later in the year and he said he will think about chatting with St George about a possible comeback.

“I love it,” said Triple M Grill Team’s Matty Johns. 

“One thing about ‘Choc’, everyone says he taking the piss, like he did with the boxing. But he’ll give it a crack." Listen to the full audio below.

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