"Back In My Day Fear Was Used As The Major Motivational Tool"


"Back In My Day Fear Was Used As The Major Motivational Tool" Getty Images

The Triple M Grill Team's Matty Johns has spoken about the major differences between how players and coaches interact in the preset day and how it used to be.

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"In 2018 if you’ve played poorly the coach will drag you aside to criticise you privately. He’ll sit with you at the video, he’ll go through your errors as not to publicly humiliate." says Matty Johns.

"Where back in our days it was the old put the VHS in and we’re going to watch the full 80 minutes with everybody in the room and it would pause and they would turn to you and say ‘what were you thinking? What were you doing?"

"It was a very very tough school. In a lot of ways it wasn’t healthy but it taught you how to deal with public criticism and possible humiliation."

"How you dealt with it was not try to be cute, you actually say ‘yes I stuffed up. Yes I was lazy. Yes  made a mistake, and I will not err again.”

"I think these days they do it better because coaches back in the day didn’t;t make allowances for different personalities. Someone might say something to me and for me it just washes off me. Someone could say the same to the person next to me and they could lose sleep for 2 days."

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