Congratulations Grill Team On 2000 Shows!

MASSIVE Achievement

Congratulations Grill Team On 2000 Shows!

Watch a live stream of the full show here 


It's a miracle... If The Triple M Grill Team can stay out of trouble until Friday they will clock up 2000 shows!

A massive achievement from Matty, MG, Gus, Emma and Pagey.

Over the last 8 years there's been 


-          Over 3200 interviews

-          23000 callers

-          47000 off colour jokes

-          MG has driven in from Penrith to the CBD (when he hasn’t had a sickie after a big weekend)

-          He has driven over over 200,000kms

-          Gus Worland has consumed over 8000 eggs & 4000 pieces of bacon for breakfast

-          Matty Johns has mentioned the Newcastle Knights 3,500 times.


To celebrate we are live streaming the whole massive show on Friday!

Check back here at 6am on Friday to watch the full show from in the studio!