Dave Warner... The Next Captain?

"he is the leader of the team"

Dave Warner... The Next Captain?

The resolution to the cricket pay dispute has left a sour taste in the mouth of everyone involved, fans, players, Cricket Australia.

However when Dave Warner was asked if his role in the cricket pay dispute had hurt his chance to ever captain Australia.

"He said no and laughed." said The Grill Team's Emma Freedman "I think he confirmed this, he has aspirations to captain the country."

The Grill Team agreed that Warner came out of the pay dispute looking like a real leader of the team.

"The situation they say is that [Steve] Smith wanted to have that relationship after with all the head honchos of Cricket Australia, so he didn't want to get in their grill and have those hard discussions, so Warner did it for him." said Gus Worland

Matty Johns said "Steve Smith has taken a back seat and Dave Warner has really stood up and shown that he is the leader of the team"

"This scenario might not help Warners relationship with the powers that be, but I tell you what, it wont help Steve Smiths role as captain going forward."

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