Exactly What Cooper Cronk Will Bring To The Roosters


Exactly What Cooper Cronk Will Bring To The Roosters Getty Images

The Triple M Grill Team's Matty Johns has gone in depth on Cooper Cronk's arrival at the Roosters, detailing exactly what the Roosters will be getting from their new big money purchase.

"The residual effect of Cooper Cronk will go on for a number of years after he retires, because Cooper is an educator." said Matty Johns

"What you’ve got with Cooper is you’ve got another coach. You’ve got Trent Robinson who is a fine coach, but now you’ve got this other bloke who is like a coach on the field."

"Robbo won’t say ‘righto Cooper this is how we’re playing’ he’ll sit with Cooper and say ‘what do ya think?”

“They’ll come up with a game plan together and then Cooper will take that out onto the field”

"The guy who’ll be the big beneficiary will be James Tedesco"

"I watched at the Tigers and too often they were playing Tedesco ball, which was just get the ball to Jimmy. They were just giving him the ball for the sake of it and expecting miracles."

"What Cooper will do is teach Tedesco about reacting, just be patient and wait for the opportunity and we’ll play it."

Listen to the full audio below.

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