"It's Counselling Before Football"

Phil Gould says Moylan won't play

"It's Counselling Before Football" Getty

There is talk that Penrith's Matt Moylan could be making a comeback this weekend from his hamstring and personal problems.

Rugby League reporter Danny Weidler told The Triple M Grill Team "Moylan is convinced his hamstring is good enough to play, however Penrith are taking this matter very seriously."

"There was a meeting between Moylan and Griffiths yesterday, where Moylan was told that he won’t be playing and he’ll be continuing his counselling” he continued.

"I’ve had lengthy conversations with Phil Gould about Matt Moylan… and he’s saying “it’s counselling before football”"

MG agreed saying it was the same thing he is hearing.

There is talk that Moylan's personal issues are a cover for football issues with coach Anthony Griffin, a claim which Danny Weidler disputes.

Matty Johns says “There’s one side of people saying he’s having personal issues, the others are saying 'na it all stems from football issues', I think they’re one in the same. You’ve got a young man here who is under a lot of pressure and has huge expectations on himself… and i think that’s just weighed heavily on him."

Listen to the full audio below.

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