Matty Johns Has Been Labelled The 'Loser Brother'


Matty Johns Has Been Labelled The 'Loser Brother'

Shot's have been fired at Triple M as the new afternoon show Kennedy Molloy talked about 'loser brothers' and our own Matty Johns was in the firing line.

Jane Kennedy was diplomatic labelling the comparison between Matty and Joey a draw. Mick Molloy was less so, saying "It's not... but Matty Johns has parlayed a great career, so i mean he's got more strings to his bow... It's just that Joeys bow... was better."

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The Triple M Grill Team's Gus Worland told Matty "It's a tough one, you won a World Cup, you won a premiership, played for your state and your country, and you're still not as good as your brother."

Matty Johns responded on the Grill Team... naturaly with a few shots at Joey.

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