Matty Johns' Humbling Advice For Moses Suli

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Matty Johns' Humbling Advice For Moses Suli

Despite all the drama surrounding teen Moses Suli, Triple M Grill Team's Matty Johns still believes the new Bulldogs recruit can fulfil his potential in the NRL.

However, Johns gave some humbling words of advice to the controversial 19-year-old. 

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"Moses Suli needs to forget about how dominant he was as a kid because it's never going to be that easy again and this is the trap some kids get into," Johns told The Grill Team. 

"He needs to train as though he has no talent, as if he is relying on fitness and work ethic and not relying on God-given ability 

"If he can do that, if he can discover that work ethic, then he'll be a star ... there's no doubt about it.

"But at the moment, he's at a crossroads."

Suli was sent home from training by Bulldogs coach Dean Pay just two weeks after joining the club for being late to multiple training sessions and subsequently failing to finish those sessions. 

He was also dropped from the club's pre-season trial game agains the Raiders this weekend.