Matty Johns On Why NRL Expansion Won't Work

We don't have the depth

Matty Johns On Why NRL Expansion Won't Work

The Triple M Grill Team's MG has said that he wants to see the NRL expand.

"I'd like to see a 20 team comp, get rid of NSW cup, make it under 23s again, and that will help those periphery player go to say Pert, Adelaide, or a new team in Brisbane or New Zealand."

Matty Johns said

"That could be something for 10 years down the track.. but the problem we have at the moment is we can't have that many teams because we don't have the depth."

"Another Brisbane side in the future is a must... I'm not sure about Perth. We've seen the Western Force go there and be a novelty for a little while, then drop off."

"There's a lot of things I think that we've got to get right with the game first, including the game day experience... It's such a good television sport that attendance is suffering."

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