Matty Johns Reveals His Biggest Fears Ahead Of Everest Trip

Everest's biggest danger!

Matty Johns Reveals His Biggest Fears Ahead Of Everest Trip

As Gus, MG, Em and Pagey sun themselves on a beach in Hawaii, Matty is preparing to take on Mount Everest.

Gus was quick to point out some of the leading causes of death of those taking on the world’s highest mountain.

However, it isn’t the falls, avalanches or altitude sickness that have Matty worried... IT'S THE YAKS!

“What they do, they get your packs and whack them over the yaks. So there are almost as many yaks as there are humans,” Matty said on Triple M’s Grill Team.

“They say that a lot of people on the lower slopes die because the yaks get anxiety and throw people off the cliffs,” he said.


If the yaks weren't terrifying enough, just getting onto the mountain might be an issue...

“One of the scary things is that we are flying to an airport called Lukla airport which is the most dangerous airport in the world, (it’s) up on a cliff,” he said.

Matty has one direction for the rest of the Grill Team if things do go bad…

“If somethings happens - and I’m thrown off a cliff by a Yak, or murdered up there or maybe a disgruntled foreigner chokes me to death while I’m in my tent - that you do an ‘Is It Funny’ for me,” Matty joked. 

The rest of the Grill Team were only too happy to oblige!

Matty is heading to Everest for the Mark Hughes Foundation. Click here to donate to this brilliant cause.