Matty Johns Unloads On Burgess Brothers

"Don’t sook about it"

Matty Johns Unloads On Burgess Brothers

The Triple M Grill Team's Matty Johns has unloaded on Burgess brothers Tom and George after a feud between the brothers and Mark 'Spud' Carroll came to a head.

Earlier, former NRL great Mark “Spud” Carroll said both Burgess brothers were overweight for the modern day NRL and need to shed some weight from their oversized frames.

The boys weigh 120kg each.

“Personally, I wish they’d get down in size a bit. I reckon they should get down to about 115kg,” Carroll told AAP. “The game these days is about pace, mobility, working on the inside.”

After news emerged that Tom and George are reportedly “filthy” with Carroll’s comments Matty Johns unloaded on the boys with some harsh truths.

“He’s trying to do you a favour. Don’t get the s***s, don’t carry on, don’t sook about it. Go down to Spud’s gym and let him peel a bit of that (weight off). It might be muscle, but it doesn’t matter if it’s muscle or fat or whatever it is, it’s weight you carry around."

Hear Matty's full rant below.