Matty Johns Weighs In On Kalyn Ponga's Acrobatics

"you've got to pick your battles"

Matty Johns Weighs In On Kalyn Ponga's Acrobatics

Newcastle Knights new recruit Kalyn Ponga's latest Instagram post has sparked a flurry of nervous comments from Newcastle followers who couldn't help laying on the mum-like advice over his rooftop backflip stunt.

The Triple M Grill Team's Matty Johns has weighed into the debate.

"It wasn't till after my football career that I was able to go snowboarding or things like that because it's written into your contract there are certain things they didn't want you to do. There'd be some existing NRL contracts with players at certain clubs that they'll say to the players no motor bikes."

"But I think if I was Nathan Brown, I don't say anything. I let him go because you've got to pick your battles, and I think there is more important things happening into the future."

"You can only bump a player a certain number of times before they resent it."


"I've got no doubts that Nathan Brown would have had a joke with him and said 'oh mate nice work, just make sure you don't bang your head on the way down, you're too important to us' but they certainly wouldn't have made a big deal about it."

Matty Johns then joked that the mum-like feedback Ponga got is "certainly better feedback than saying please injure yourself... when you get to a certain point of your career that's what they're all hoping for."

Listen to the full chat below.

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