"Munster Wasn't Sent Home For The Fight… Bellamy Recalled Him"

"He's a throwback"

"Munster Wasn't Sent Home For The Fight… Bellamy Recalled Him" Getty Images

The Triple M Grill Team's Matty Johns has revealed that the reason for Cameron Munster leaving the Kangaroo's camp wasn't the fight with Ben Hunt, but Craig Bellamy actually recalled Munster. 

"Bellamy knows Munster so well, and I think Bellamy was concerned that he wasn't in the top 17. That he was in what they call the Emus, and when you're an Emu on tour you miss out on all the football but geez you have a good time socially." said Matty Johns

"Back in the day you come back from a Kangaroo tour and you've probably got 2 weeks off and the club would say come back. Now these days with the players association you have to get 6 weeks off."

"it is my belief that Bellamy called him out of camp. It wasn't to do with the fight, it was about to say 'listen Cameron you haven't been playing, then I've got to give you 6 weeks off, listen you've got responsibilities I don't want you to come back to pre-season training carrying weight. I want you to come back in decent shape."

"I've got to know Cameron Munster well... they sent him up to my place in Collaroy... I love the bloke, have never had an ounce of trouble around the bloke at all. He is an effervescent character... he likes a beer there is no doubt about that. In fact he's a kid who really enjoys a good time." said Matty Johns

"When he returns form an off season sometimes he'll come back carrying an extra couple of kilos, cause the kid enjoys life. He's a little bit of a throwback, he's not like a modern footballer... luckily for him he has the ability to turn it on and off."

"Melbourne train harder than anyone else in the league, probably as hard as anyone in Australian sport. I saw them train on Saturday morning, and guess what, he [Munster] was at the front, he was at the front of all the fitness runs."

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