NRL Is A Code In Denial

A damning study has revealed

NRL Is A Code In Denial

The Triple M Grill Team's Matty Johns has said the NRL is "A code in denial" about the seriousness of concussion and serious head injury in the sport.

Concussion in the NRL has become a massive issue after three clubs were handed huge fines for breaching their duty of care to their players.

Coincidentally a study has just come out of La Trobe university where Doctor Alan Pearce compared ex NRL players in their 50's to men of the same age with no history of head injury.

"The responses of ex rugby league players was significantly different to the healthy controls with no history of head injury" said doctor Pearce.

The Grill Team's Mark 'MG' Geyer had similar tests

"I had it done and they found my memory wasn't as good as a bloke my age should have been, and when i performed my tests I was slower than the normal man my age."

When speaking of the culture of dealing with head knocks Matty Johns said

"Back when myself and MG played, it wasn’t so much a badge of honour to get off a stretcher and get out there and play, it was expected… if you didn’t do it you were labeled a dog and unworthy.”

Johns says the sport deals better with head knocks than they did in his playing days, but it is still far off where it needs to be.

Listen to the full audio below.

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