NRL May Increase Flanagan's Fine After Another Outburst

Not a happy man

NRL May Increase Flanagan's Fine After Another Outburst Nine News

Rugby League reporter Danny Weidler has revealed to the Triple M Grill Team that the NRL may increase Shane Flanagan's $20,000 fine.

Danny says "The word coming out of the NRL is that they may reexamine  the Flanagan fine and they are considering upping it."

On top of the widely publicised press conference, where Flanagan blasted the referees, "there was a 'members message' which Flanagan sent out to Sharks members, and he was even more scathing in that." Weidler says.




"The NRL is examining how the Sharks are handling this whole matter and they could up the fine another ten or twenty grand."

Matty Johns says "You know the fines aren't enough when you've got a situation where coaches are going to the club before they go to the press conference... and the club at times say 'go for it'"

Weidler then reveals that "Shane Flanagan approached Brian Canavan [NRL Head Of Football] in the tunnel after the game and he said basically 'what can and can't I say' and then he just went off."

Listen to the full audio below.

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