Sydney Train Driver "We've Got The Public's Full Support"

"we’re sick of the constant cuts"

Sydney Train Driver "We've Got The Public's Full Support" Twitter

The trains across Sydney are a mess this morning, and it's only going to get worse. The Triple M Grill Team talked to a Sydney train driver, named Steve, on to get to the nuts and bolts of why the drivers are striking and how it has got to this.

“The reasons for the strike is basically we’re just sick of the constant cuts to our working conditions” said Steve

"How has it got to this, how long have the negotiations been ongoing for?" asked Matty Johns

“The discussions for the new EA have been ongoing for several months, and to date the minister Andrew Constance has yet to come to the table.” said Steve

“Cutting down our forced redundancy time… currently we have a period of time where the guys and girls that have been made redundant have an opportunity to find another position within the company."

"Another is for our roster changes. Last year alone we had 4 different roster changes which makes it near on impossible to plan anything with your family in advance. I could look 2 or 3 months down the track and say ok i’ve got a 4 day weekend here. Let’s pack up the family and go away for the weekend, put then all of a sudden there’s a roster change and i’m working those 4 days.”

“Steve are you worried about the backlash from the public?” asked Gus

“They [the public] don’t really understand [the reasons why we are striking] because they are basing their opinions purely and simply on what they hear on the news. The general consensus from the public I’m getting is that we’ve got their full support. They understand that enough is enough.” said Steve.

“We’re at the point now where our fatigue levels are critical. I drive a 200 tonne machine with 1000 lives on it. I’m meant to be well rested, but we’re working 12 days with different start times every day. one day might be a 3.17am, the next day may be a 5.25, the day after that may be a 2.16, so our sleep patterns are non existent.”

Listen to the full chat with Steve below.

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