"The Current People Running The Game Just Can't Survive This"

It's headed towards strike action

"The Current People Running The Game Just Can't Survive This"

The Triple M Grill Team this morning broke down the pay dispute between the NRL and the Rugby League Players Association, fronted by Cameron Smith.

Matty Johns says the main issue of the dispute is "There have been promises over the years from the administration from the NRL to streamline administration costs so the clubs and grass roots get more."

"Its blown out, they've wasted money on consultancies, and poor decisions. The clubs and the players are fed up with it."

When questioned on resolving the dispute Matty says that "The current administration running the game they just can't survive this"

MG added "Grant and Greenberg aren't working together. One of them or both of them have to go.We need someone who is going to get this game where it should be. With all this money we are getting from Foxtel and Channel 9 how can we be broke?

Matty says that the dispute is getting closer and closer to strike territory and 'strike action will be during the world cup... the Australian team will get together with the other nations and just not show up.'

Listen to the full audio below.