The Grill Team Discuss The Potential Kangaroos v All Blacks Hybrid Game

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The Grill Team Discuss The Potential Kangaroos v All Blacks Hybrid Game Getty Images

Triple M Grill Team's Matty Johns believes the reported hybrid rugby game could be more than just a one off game, suggesting a tournament might be the way to go.  


"I actually think if these two entities, New Zealand Rugby Union and the Australian Rugby League said 'yes', why wouldn't you bring everyone else in?" Matty said.


"Make it a tournament and take it to Europe - play it out of Twickenham, play it out of Wembley stadium - it would sell it out."


The only previous incarnation of a Hybrid game was a 2011 clash between high school sides St Augustines College (Sydney) and Keebra Park HS (Gold Coast), which Matty detailed some of the rules after witnessing the historic match. 


"It took a little while to get use to it but once it got going it was entertaining," Matty said. 


"When you've got possession coming out of your own end it was on a clock, you had 30 seconds to cross half-way. 


"The moment you crossed half way then it automatically turned into rugby union. Then you're fighting for every possession.


"What it ensured was when the ball was kicked down field, if the Kangaroos were receiving and the All Blacks were defending, in 30 seconds you've got to play a bit of football to get over half-way. As opposed to going 'one up, one up, one up'.  


"So it let itself to a little more enterprise coming out of trouble." 


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