The Incredible Story That Shows Why Sonny Bill Williams Is So Brilliant


The Incredible Story That Shows Why Sonny Bill Williams Is So Brilliant Getty Images

News broke on the weekend of a possible return to the NRL for multi-code superstar Sonny Bill Williams, but the Triple M Grill Team's Matty Johns isn't so sure it will happen this year.

"Look I think it’s highly unlikely… however in Rugby League strange things happen." said Matty Johns.

"There has been talk that the Roosters wanted Sonny to come back and finish his career there. There’s even been talk they want to join the coaching staff and be involved in the club in retirement… Cause he was so good for the place."

In an example of how good Sonny was for the Roosters, Matty Johns told a brilliant story of Sonny's toughness and leadership there.

"The young players of the Roosters when Sonny was there tell a story… In the second year when he was there, there was a game he was unlikely to play, he’d come down with a virus and didn’t attend training all week he was that crook."

"In the sheds before the game “Sonny was so crook, he sat there, he had his boots on, he said to Robbo ‘I’m going to see how I feel after the warm up’. Sonny didn’t even have the energy too warm up. While the players were warming up he was sitting in the sheds with his head in a bowl of eucalyptus."

"They walk back into the shed and they still don’t know whether he is playing 2 minutes before they’re about to run on. Then he stands up and says ‘I’m right to go’ and goes gets man of the match."

"He’s just a living breathing example for all those young players"

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